Affective Activism: Sites of Queer and Trans World-Making focuses on the ways in which queer and trans activists claim space for themselves and their world-making. Introducing an interdisciplinary approach to what we call affective activism, the project will produce original interview data and cutting-edge analysis on the affective arrangements of queer and trans activists’ actions, strategies, and visions for the future.

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My Dick Clit has many forms by Marie Andersen at the 8th NTSC @TampereUni “Inspired by queer & trans theories & epistemologies in an
attempt at producing alternative imageries for new bodily experiences.”
Collaborations & purchase: Marie-a-[at]
#trans #art

“I long for Karin Lindgren longs for me” by Frej Haar at the 8th NTSC
@TampereUni The artwork provides “care and connect to an elder after death, in an act of care and
You can read the whole letter here: #transheritage #transart


Del LaGrace Volcano in conversation with Eliza Steinbock @taidemuseo , as part of The 8th Nordic Trans Studies Conference @TampereUni #bodiesofresistance #transart #queerart

All Gender is Drag by Aimé Dabbadie at The 8th Nordic Trans Studies Conference @TampereUni “These bodies are not extraordinary, – – they are beautiful, real and touching.” #trans #queer #art


Performance at the 8th Nordic Trans Studies Conference @TampereUni by Malin Arnell & Mar Fjell
#trans #Art #solidarity #nordictransstudiesconference

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