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Keynote by Hil Malatino: Weathering: Slow Arts of Trans Endurance

Tampere University

Abstract: In a moment of profound and widespread transantagonism articulated within both liberal-centrist and alt-right political formations, how do trans subjects cultivate arts of endurance? This talk develops a concept of weathering, thinking with the work of contemporary trans writers of fiction (Callum Angus and Torrey Peters), visual artists (Nicki Green and Jes Fan), and...

Keynote by YV Nay: The Affective Life of Trans Studies as a Political Field in Academia and Activism

Tampere University

Abstract: Trans Studies have become an epistemological project that challenges who has the power to intervene in violent knowledge production that shape trans lives. The field promises to form a radical critical intervention in pathologizing, criminalizing, marginalizing, and dehumanizing discourses. But what happens when the promise is not fulfilled? How can we imagine the field’s future considering...